Yuda Bands sold at SJHS

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Students at Springville Junior High School are considered very lucky to have the opportunities they do, by living here, in the United States. Other teens in the world aren’t as lucky to be able to go to school all through high school.

In an effort to help other teens in other places of the world, Springville Junior High is participating in fundraiser to help earn money for students around the world that aren’t as fortunate as others.

Yuda Bands are bracelets made by students in Guatemala that are then shipped to the US to be sold. Yuda Bands will be sold during lunch for seven dollars, or three for twenty, April 13th – 23rd. All the money that is raised is given to students in Guatemala to pay for their high school experience.

Springville Junior High is working hard to help other students benefit and receive the education that they deserve.   


Kara Dunn, SJHS Staff Writer