Hats Off to Mr. Rolfe

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Mr. Darrel Rolfe, principal at Springville Junior High, is retiring this year after 36 years of long hard work, working with students all over Utah.

Mr. Rolfe has worked in several different schools throughout Utah. He started out at Pleasant Grove Junior High teaching English for one year. He has worked as an assistant principal for five years, and taught biology and P.E. for about nine years.   He has also served as a guidance counselor for Spanish Fork High School for twelve years.

Finally, he has worked at Springville Junior High School for three tremendous years as principal.  During his time there, he has made a lot of technological improvements.  He has put LCD projectors in all the rooms, and most of the rooms have document cameras now.

Mr. Rolfe said that he will miss his association with the teachers and the students the most. “I’d do this again.  36 years of teaching, and I’d do it again.  It’s been [a job] where I can look forward to coming to work every day.”

Mr. Rolfe will definitely be missed.  When asked what she would miss most about the principal, Brenda Bales, the secretary, said she would miss his “sweet, smiling face.”  Mr. Knudsen, assistant principal, said he would miss “his professionalism and complete excellence. He always has a good sense of humor.”  

Thank you to Mr. Rolfe, an amazing principal of SJHS. 

Kristi Hatch and Kara Dunn, SJHS Staff Writers