New Seventh Graders at SJHS

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With the new school year starting to pick up speed, Springville Junior High is excited to get to know and teach the new seventh graders. The new seventh graders are also excited to get to know the school a little better and begin their classes. “It’s kind of scary, but fun because you get to try something new!” Peggy Sorenson, a seventh grader at Springville Junior High, explained.

Mr. Shaun Blakey, the seventh grade counselor at SJHS, told us what he thought about getting to work with the new seventh graders. “I’m looking forward to getting to know them this year, and the next two years.” He went onto say, “I expect great things from this group. They are helpful and seem to really look out for one another.” 

“Everyone seems really friendly,” Camilla Dunn, another seventh grade student at Springville Junior High, said. The new seventh graders are all very excited to spend the next three years of their life in halls and classrooms here at Springville Junior High and Springville Junior High faculty and students are excited to have them with us. 

Kara Dunn SJHS Staff Writer