New Instructor of the Fine Arts at SJHS

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There’s a new professor teaching the fine arts at Springville Junior High. Mr. Mitch Cudney replaced Mr. Jethro Gillispie as the art and photography teacher.  Mr. Cudney has been teaching for four years, but this is his first year teaching at a junior high.
According to Mr. Cudney, there’s probably more good art work coming from the Springville High School, but it’s still too early to tell. He hopes to get students more excited about getting creative and excited about all the different kinds of art.

Mr. Gillispie transferred from teaching at Springville Junior High to teaching at Maple Mountain High School, which just opened this fall.. He is now teaching more advanced classes than what Springville Junior High provides.

Besides teaching art, Mr. Cudney enjoys practicing art himself by painting in his free time. He said that drawing and painting are more his favorite and that he mostly paints for himself, though he hasn’t had much time to do it lately. But besides painting for himself, Mr. Cudney has also received painting or drawing requests from various people, with the cost depending on quality and size of the painting or drawing.

Kenia Martinez SJHS Staff Writer