Springville Junior High’s New Tardy Policy

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Springville Junior High School has a new tardy policy. For many years, students had to go to Morning Enrichment at seven o’clock if they were tardy to class.  This year, SJHS has switched to a lunch detention tardy policy.

Once students have been tardy twice, or have sluffed class, they must report to detention at lunch. Students have five minutes to get lunch and go to the detention area. The detention area is behind an expandable wall in the lunchroom.  Kids must eat lunch and then sit quietly or do homework.

Mrs. Courtney Johnson, the new assistant principal at SJHS and one of the lunch detention supervisors, said, “It’s not a party.”  She said that there will be “constant eyeball supervision” while kids are serving in detention.

Last year, many students simply decided not to go to the Morning Enrichment Program. Hopefully, since the new detention program is during school instead of before, this will not happen anymore. There will be punishment for kids who still don’t show up though. Mr. David Hansen, a teacher at the school, said that he will “Pull off your fingers one by one” if you don’t come to detention. Although he was kidding, there will be serious consequences for kids who don’t come. According to Mrs. Johnson, if you don’t come to the detention, they will find you the next day and add to, or double your time.

Many people said they felt that this program will be better than Morning Enrichment. According to Mr. David Kindrick, the eighth grade science teacher, it will be better because students get an automatic penalty, and because they will have no excuses for not coming to lunch detention.  When Mrs. Johnson said that the reason she likes the lunch detention program better is because “It’s a drag to miss lunch.”

Christopher Taylor SJHS Staff Writer