Ninth graders enjoy their last year before high school

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This year is the ninth graders' last year at SJHS. Next year the ninth graders will go to the high school where they have only four classes a day, and they will go to the other four classes the next day.

Jace Hartman, the student council president at SJHS, is looking forward to driving, driver’s education, playing baseball on the ninth grade team, and football.  He said, “I am looking forward to high school, but my friends tell me that you can’t talk in the halls or you’ll be late to class. You’ve got to go straight to class.”

Another ninth graders at SJHS, Chelsea Ricks, is looking forward to a class called drill team; which is a dance team at the high school. But she is sad that she'll be one of the “youngs again.” For her last year at SJHS she wants to be with friends, lots of people, and have a wonderful time.

Andrew Garza SJHS Staff Writer