Yearbook Class at SJHS

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Springville Junior High School has a fun class that designs the yearbook.  The teacher of this class is none other than Ms. Rachel Neeley, who is also a seventh grade English teacher.  Eight students take part in the Yearbook class for a full year. 

Ms. Neeley said the rules the staff follows are “Work hard, be respectful, and be responsible.”  Even though the staff has rules to follow, they also have privileges.  These include deciding what the yearbook is like and getting to do their assignments at their own pace.  Jennifer Bate, a yearbook staff member, said she wanted to be in the yearbook staff because “I thought it would be fun and a great way to express my ideas.”

Jennifer also explained that students will like the yearbook because “there are cool page features that will emphasize cool and funny things that will be enjoyable to look at and read!  There are also pictures of all your friends and stuff like that!”

The yearbook staff members use a program called Yearbook Avenue by Jostens to design the yearbook.  The theme for the yearbook is a secret so everyone can have a surprise at the end of the year.

Spencer Duncan SJHS Staff Writer