Having fun & helping out in Service Learning!

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Service Learning is a class that is all about doing service in the community and school.  Mrs. Diane Bird is the teacher. In a basement classroom at SJHS, the Service Learning class plans what to do and carry out their charitable plans. And they do it all because… they like doing service.

Mrs. Bird organizes her class by giving small groups of people different tasks, and boy, is there a lot to do! They make all the posters in the school, and they do announcements for all the school promotions. Also, they read to Third Graders at Brookside every Tuesday.

The Service Learning class also goes on special trips to the Humanitarian Center, the home for Senior Citizens and other service projects. They also “go to the forest service and help clean,” according to Cami Sumsion, one of Mrs. Bird’s students.

Students join the Service Learning class for different reasons. Some are on the student council, so joining is mandatory. Others like helping. When service learning student Oscar Portillo was asked why he joined, he replied, “This class is legit!”

Jack Setzer SJHS Staff Writer