7th graders choose their own adventures

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Caption:  Seventh graders show which Life As… books they read.  Front row, left to right:  Marin Rosenberg, Kimber Hicken, Sarah Christensen, Sheylah Buhler, Stephanie Aragon, and Lexey Anderson.  Back row, left to right:  Darren Hooley, Samantha Allan, Kenya Rodriguez, Erika Funkhouser, Tyler Werner, and Cody Larsen.


Do you like to read but are tired of the same predictable endings? Then read the Life as a… series. You get to choose what happens to your character and choose your own adventure.

All seventh graders have had an opportunity to read life as a … books in there language arts class. There are many different books like gladiators, ninjas, samurais, Vikings, and of course the knights.  Mr. Mikesell, a language arts teacher at SJHS, said that his favorite book was the Viking one because he wanted to “pillage and plunder,” like a Viking. “I like the Viking one because you get to choose your own path as you read and decide the fate of the Viking,” said Kimberlyn Hicken, a seventh grader at SJHS.

Ms. Miley, another language arts teacher at SJHS, wanted her students to read the life as books because they were non-fiction and something the students would find interesting. After reading the introduction, most students couldn’t wait to read the chapters where they got to make their own choices, so that was a good sign that the kids were interested in the books.

“I think students enjoyed these books. Several kids have asked if they could read a different book in the series after they finished with their first choice.” said Ms. Miley.

Whitley Hicken, SJHS Staff Writer