All About Gi Gi.

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Gianna (Gi Gi) Furner is one of the wonderful 8th graders here at Springville Junior High School. She has been living here all her life, and she has loved every bit of it, almost. She does so many amazing things, so read on to learn more about her opinions about things here at SJHS and more.

    Gi Gi has been going to school in Nebo District for 10 years. She started preschool in Nebo District and is still in it. She is now in 8th grade and she said she likes it better than 7th grade. When asked what she likes about SJHS, she said, “I like that you don’t just have one friend group, so you can know lots of people, it’s just a lot easier.” Gi Gi also likes to write. She likes to write articles, news, etc. Something that she wants to do for her future career is Journalism. This is something that she likes to do for fun. Her favorite foods are cheesy pasta and sushi, and her favorite color is black. “It is really underappreciated, and it can express emotions.”  

    One word that Gi Gi says a lot is hello. “It’s a great way to meet new people.” So, follow Gi Gi’s example and go say hi to someone new. Hopefully, this shows how wonderful Gi Gi really is.


Article written by student: Emma Schmutz