All About Sabrina!

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Sabrina is one of the many talented ninth graders here at Springville Jr. High. Sabrina is always very bright and willing to help others. In her free time, she likes to draw and play the ukulele. Sabrina is enjoying her ninth grade year here at SJHS and enjoys being in band and student council. She wanted to join the student council for the chance to be able to make a difference and be in a group with similar interests to hers. Sabrina is very hopeful for her future where she is planning on going to the University of Michigan and studying aerospace engineering where she then hopes to someday work for NASA. Something that most people don't know about Sabrina is that she has 7 pets, and can play four instruments! Sabrina is a very kind and loving person and I highly suggest getting to know her!

Article written by: Francesca Campbell , student reporter