America Celebrates Presidents Day

Submitted by tiffanie.miley on Fri, 03/11/2011 - 21:41

Most students have heard of President’s Day, but have they ever taken the time to think about, understand, and appreciate it?   We have the national holiday, President’s Day, on February 22 every year.  “We have it to celebrate the birthdays of our most popular and beloved presidents of the United States,” said Mr. Shields, eighth-grade history teacher.  The presidents we celebrate are Washington and Lincoln.   We have this holiday to show appreciation to those presidents for their service, for establishing America and holding it together in our darkest hours.   Washington’s birthday was Feb. 22, and Lincoln’s was Feb. 12.  The holiday used to only be for Washington’s birthday, but people started to add Lincoln in because he was such a good president. 

Although Lincoln’s birthday is February 12 people started to add him in the holiday because he was such a good president.  In honor of these presidents, people put up the American flag in there front yard.   “We have this holiday to remember what they left behind for the country and the people,” said Joee Lowe, ninth grader. 

Kylee Jensen, SJHS Staff Writer