Avery Peterson small in size but big in heart.

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Avery Peterson is one of the many 9th graders in SJHS. We are here to spotlight her after school activities, her favorite things, and her future. Avery Peterson has been a student at Springville junior high for 3 years and is in 9th grade. She enjoys hanging out with her friends, eating food, and dancing. Avery has been very happy with this year and the changes “ I like being with my friends and making new friends, I like the social aspect of school” Avery says. Avery dances at Forever Dance, she has just recently joined this new studio and enjoyed it very much. She loves to hang out with her cousin Teagan who is her “best friend.” Avery and Teagan are on the same dance team and even though Teagan goes to high school they still have an amazing bond. Avery is a very fun and sarcastic person, “I bring the life of the party.” Avery is very excited to go to high school but still wants to live out this year and enjoy her last year here at SJHS. Avery wants to be very successful in her future job and in her future career. “I'm still not sure what I want to do yet, but I know whatever I choose it will be the right decision”

Article written by student: Chantel Furner