The Big Switch: New Seventh Graders at SJHS

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The new school year has started, and the sixth graders from various elementary schools have entered into junior high. The halls are crowded, and there are lots of seventh graders, but what do they think about this new school? Chase Kimball, a seventh grader at SJHS, said, “It’s hard to adjust to hurrying around from class to class, but I like meeting all the new people.”

Mrs. Monica Distefano, the seventh-grade counselor gave some advice to the new seventh graders, “Get to know your teachers. Ask for help when you need it. That’s what the faculty is here for. Be open to making new friends.” So far, the seventh graders seem to be doing pretty well, but if not, according to Mrs. Distefano, anyone who is struggling can go down to the counseling office.

Most seventh graders seem to like junior high better than elementary, but not all, like Ciara Snapp, a new seventh grader, from Reagan Elementary, said, “I liked elementary more. It was really fun in kindergarten, and we didn’t have so many papers and classes to keep track of.” So maybe it’s not all fun and games for the new seventh graders, but it’s not all bad either. Allyson Smith, a new seventh grader, said, “I like having so much freedom and having lockers. I like it because I feel older and have a lot more fun.” 

So good luck in junior high to all those seventh graders!

Melissa Jenson, SJHS Staff Writer