Blaring Guitars During Quest Time at SJHS

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Students are sitting in their quiet manners class during Quest Time when all of a sudden they hear this sound, and then the room starts shaking. After thinking it’s an earthquake and beginning evacuation procedures, they realize it’s just Mr. Dahl’s guitar class rocking out.
Mr. Dahl, the teacher of the guitar class that meets during Quest Time, has been playing guitar for the past ten years.  He writes songs and performs local shows in Utah and Idaho. Over the years, he has recorded several CD’s
“There is some real talent here at Springville Junior High. I have been impressed by how good some of the players are. If they stick with it, they could have a good future with the instrument,” said Mr. Dahl. About 30 students show up to the guitar class during Quest Time on Fridays, some to play the guitar, and some to listen. Students play everything from calm, classical songs to hard, Metallica-like songs.
“Guitar class is pretty hot,” said Dylan Larsen, a ninth grader who regularly attends the guitar class. Students are able to practice playing songs together, or just show off some of their insane talent. It’s a great time for students to practice their guitar, or just listen to some of the awesome talent we have here at Springville Junior High School.

Cody Woolsey, SJHS Staff Writer