Boys and Girls Have Fun with Co-ed Volleyball

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For the last few weeks, boys and girls have been playing co-ed volleyball in P.E. at Springville Junior High. Three boys and three girls are on each team. Students must be in a boy-girl order; it helps make the team fair.

Before either of the classes may leave their gym, they must both warm up. The girls warm up with their usual body conditioning exercise. After warming up, students practice bumps, a form where you hit the ball with your lower wrists. If the girls still have time before switching gyms, they practice serving. After the girls are all warmed up they are separated into 12 teams. Six of the teams are sent to the boys’ gym and six are spread across the girls’ gym, to wait for the rest of their team to come and join them.

The boys warm up a little different then the girls. They do a light jog; push up, deep squats, crunches and some stretching. The jog and stretch is for loosening their muscles, but the rest is for building muscle. The guys warm up for five minutes before switching gyms with the girls. After warming up , the boys do the same as the girls and go to a random court and wait to see who is on their team.

Everyone has a strategy to winning volleyball; most strategies usually consist of just getting the ball over the net. Others are to just hit the ball and hope someone else gets the ball or, hope it goes over the net. But students seem to have another strategy in mind. “Team work,” said Aaron Myers, an eighth-grader at Springville Junior High, “that is the best way to win the game.”

Volleyball is a game where students don't have to have any skills, all anyone has to do is hit the ball and they can win the game. This is an easy game for the students to learn so they don't have to spend all whole period practicing.

Shannon Lott, SJHS Staff Writer