DyBorrah Johnson: outstanding school citizen

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Dyborrah Johnson is the “new girl” at SJHS but you would’ve thought that she’s been with us for years; she’s an all-around friend to everyone here at SJHS. Her favorite part of SJHS is getting to know a lot of people and doesn’t remotely dislike anything about our school because she feels that it’s a great school. Her favorite subjects are science and math because “sometimes it’s good to learn something new that can help you out in life.” She does Basketball, Softball, Tennis, Swim, Volleyball, and she Tutors sometimes. She is very sporty as you can tell; but that’s not all there is to her. She went to Westmore Elementary in Orem but she misses all of her old friends. Although she likes 8th grade and thinks it’s fun, she’s still looking forward to 9th grade because it will open up a lot more sports opportunities for her. She loves baking, sports, and being with her family. She wants to be an interior designer to make people's homes theirs and she really likes decorating. Her one wish is, “to be an all-star athlete.” One thing she would go back in time and change is to go back to 2018 and stop her aunt from coming to her house. If she could have a billion dollars or unlimited knowledge she would choose “a billion dollars because I could help my mom out and save some money for my mission and for college.”
Dyborrah Johnson is great to have at SJHS!

Article written by: Gianna Furner , student reporter