Edgar Arguelles

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He Loves his math and yearbook classes. Yearbook because it’s a chill fun class, and math because he has it with his best friend.  He also loves SJHS for its cleanliness and how kind all the teachers and students are.

Edgar loves Springville junior! He likes how clean and how friendly everyone in the school is. But when asked if he could change one thing about the school he said “ he would want to have more breaks during classes.” His favorite classes are “Yearbook and math. Yearbook because it’s a chill class, and my best friend is in math with me. He joined the yearbook class because he thought it would be a good class to take. When asked about clubs and sports, he simply said “I’m not in any clubs, but I would like to try sports.” If he could have one superpower it would be to “change the way people think, to live with a better quality of life.” Edgar is a kind friend and I'm sure you’d love being his friend!

Article written by student: Kiara Elias