Emma Schmuts, extraordinary 8th grader

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The start of the school year brings the start of sports and homework, read on to meet Emma Schmutz, one of the many 8th graders at SJHS who balances sports, school, and homelife. Emma Schmutz is an 8th grader here at SJHS who does band, yearbook, cross-country, and track. When asked what she likes about our school she replied “I like that we all try to stick together and that we all look out for each other.” Her favorite subject is yearbook because she gets to use her creativity in a way that the whole school can see. Her favorite teacher is Mr. Hammon because he is an awesome coach, and even though she doesn’t have him as a teacher yet Emma can’t wait for him to teach her.  If she could, she would go back in time and switch to playing the oboe because her uncle plays it and she thinks it’s cool. A fun fact about her is that she went to Connell elementary in Washington state. One thing she says she doesn’t miss about it though is having only one class. After being asked if she could have one wish and what it would be, she said she would, “wish for no masks.” I’m sure the rest of us understand that completely. One thing that Emma Schmutz could brag about herself but doesn’t is that she is one of the fastest girls on her cross-country and track teams. We all could look up to her as a role model because she is one of the extraordinary 8th graders here at SJHS.

Article written by student: Gianna Furner