Ethan Johnston: family first

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Ethan Johnston is one of the 8th graders here at SJHS, he cares a lot and potentially will do anything for his family. His wish is to have a billion dollars but not for the reason most teenage guys might want a billion dollars. “My wish is probably to have a billion dollars because I would like to help my family with a house and bills.” His favorite subject is cooking because it’s chill and fun to be in and the teachers are nice. Another reason is that he used to cook with his mom a lot. He doesn’t do any sports but like most teens, he just likes to hang out and chill with his friends when school isn’t in session. His favorite part of being in 8th grade will put a smile on your face, he loves being able to call 7th graders Sevie's. He’s been in Nebo School District his entire life and has only gone to school here and Westside Elementary. He misses his old teachers though. But he definitely does NOT miss the food. The only thing he would change about right now is the masks because they’re hard to deal with (I think we all know how he feels) but other than that he thinks our school is pretty great. Oh, one more thing, If he could go back in time he would “probably go back to when Apple stocks were really low and buy a bunch of stocks to help my family for the future.” See? Told you he puts family first.

Article written by: Gianna Furner , student reporter