The Game of Trivia

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Mrs. Rice, honors English teacher at Springville Junior High School, is working students’ minds to the maximum with Trivia. On Fridays during Quest Time Mrs. Rice puts on Trivia Games as a fun way for students to learn and be enriched.

Mrs. Rice’s class allows students to learn a variety of new and fun facts. Mrs. Rice asks students trivia questions on popular culture, sports, history, geography and Walt Disney. Some days students get the opportunity to write their own questions. Then they take turns asking their questions. These questions, from the students, can end up being school-related or completely random. Students enjoy learning both.

When Mrs. Rice asks the questions, students can earn tokens for each correct answer. When the class’s time is up, students count their tokens and are awarded snacks as prizes. They’ve earned chips, cracker and cookies. Everyone gets at least a piece of candy for participating.

According to Sarah Smith, ninth grader at SJHS, it is really fun to answer questions, compete against each other, earn treats, and learn new things. According to students participating in trivia, this activity will help them do better in later history and science classes in junior high and high school.

Mrs. Rice loves asking questions that aren’t exactly easy, but can lead students to come up with a reasonable guess. Mrs. Rice said, “Hypothesis testing occurs; which is very important.”  Trivia is preparing kids for the future. It is teaching them facts, but it is also teaching them how to succeed in school and succeed in life. Mrs. Rice likes to call this the “school game.” According to Mrs. Rice, they way to win the game of school is by following the rules, watching other people, responding with respect, and doing their best. If students are doing these things in trivia, then they can succeed in school. If students can do well in school, then they are more likely to be successful in life.

Mrs. Rice would like to invite students to participate in trivia during Quest Time, where students are having fun while learning and preparing for the future.

Emilee Christensen, SJHS Staff Writer