Get to know Cole Herlevi and why he likes school

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Cole Herlevi is in 9th grade and has been going to Springville jr for all 3 years. His favorite thing about SJHS is his friends and teachers. “My favorite class is science.” The reason why Cole likes science is because of his teacher Mr. Kendric. “He is funny and makes class fun.” Cole explains.  Cole’s electives are yearbook and Chinese. This year is the most different year of all because of COVID-19. One of Cole’s favorite changes this year is getting to eat outside with friends. He normally brings a home lunch with a sandwich and cheez-its! One thing that friendly Cole doesn’t like about the new restrictions is “not being able to do group activities and not moving around in class.” In his free time Cole likes to hang out with friends. His favorite things to do with his friends is talk. Coles favorite hobby is mountain biking at Maple Cannon. Cole Herlevi likes to be with friends and is glad that he could be back at school instead of doing it online!

Article written by student: Aspen Cook