Getting to know Kiva VanAusdal

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Kiva VanAusdal is one of the many great 8th graders here at Springville Junior High. One of Kiva’s favorite things to do is bake, and if she could learn to do anything she would want to learn how to draw. “My favorite part of school is sewing class, lunchtime, and being with my friends.” Her favorite class is sewing because she has a bunch of friends in that class, and you get to do a bunch of fun projects. Kiva has always looked up to her parents. Kiva’s favorite place she has ever traveled to is Hawaii. “Hawaii is my favorite because it was really pretty and relaxing.” Kiva’s advice for 7th graders is “Don’t be afraid to talk to new people.” Overall Kiva VanAusdal is a very interesting person and a great person to get to know. If you get a chance you should definitely talk to her.

Article written by: Delia Thompson , student reporter