He’s Fun, He’s Smart, He's Helpful: It’s Mr. Hammon!

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We all know Mr. Hammon, the health teacher at Springville Jr. High. How could you not! Even if you don’t have him, you’ve heard of him from your friends. Matt Hammon, known to us as Mr. Hammon, has been teaching health for six years. He decided to teach health because he wanted time for his family and health because "It's most applicable to life." His favorite part of teaching is when he helps kids to help them learn and change their lives for the better. Every year he always tries to make lessons better and more informative for his students. In addition to that this year, his goal is to help students with COVID-19 stress. Mr. Hammon's advice for us is simple but important, "Be kind." Mr. Hammon's students love him, and he teaches really fun lessons like learning "how to flirt'' using things you learn in health. We love Mr. Hammon and hope that he stays at SJHS for a long time.

Article written by: Megan Conrad , student reporter