An Inside Look in Service Learning

Submitted by tiffanie.miley on Mon, 10/18/2010 - 14:36

Teachers agree that service is an important life skill, yet most classes focus on other subjects. For students who want to make a difference in our society, SJHS has a class called Service Learning.

Service Learning focuses on teaching students the values of serving others. Students are given the opportunity to plan and carry out an act of service, such as making blankets for The Women and Children’s Justice Center, decorating posters for the school dances, or cutting out stars for the upcoming “Make a Wish” fundraiser.

According to Mrs. Diane Bird, Service Learning teacher at SJHS, upcoming events include Make a Wish, Red Ribbon Week, Dollhouse Boutique for the Women and Children’s Justice Center, and the Halloween dance. Each of these are in October, so the Service Learning class is very busy.

Most students really enjoy the opportunity to serve others. “The best part of Service Learning is that we get to do a ton of different stuff, it’s not a regular class," Service Learning student Rebecca Morrison said.

“It’s not just about grades,” said Jazmin Mendoza, student body president. “It’s more about helping people and doing service. It really makes you feel good inside.”

Even students not in service learning can find many ways to make a difference. “[One of the ways is] by doing random acts of kindness whenever you get the opportunity,” said Jazmin. 

Amanda Ripley, SJHS Staff Writer