Introducing Honors Orchestra

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t the beginning of January, Honors Orchestra performed a spectacular show.  Honors Orchestra is where a group of more advanced students from the junior high schools in the Nebo School District come together and perform a concert.  They played all types of music; this last time they played classical songs, a lullaby, a fiddle song, and even a rock song. 

Honors Orchestra isn’t only for the best musicians; this time it was who wanted to.  “The music in Honors Orchestra was a little bit harder then normal orchestra, but it was hard because you had to learn the music at home.  And we only had two practices with the whole orchestra, and then a performance,” said Michelle Welch, ninth grader.  

People on the committee at Nebo School District have Honors Orchestra because they want to give kids an opportunity to meet more people, and to learn more music.  They have the kids sit by people that don’t go to their school so they can meet new people.   Christopher Taylor, ninth grader at SJHS, said, “It was really fun.  I had a good time.”

Kylee Jensen, SJHS Staff Writer