Knightingales in action

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Every year Mrs. Walker conducts an eighth grade all-girl choir class known as Knightingales.  There are currently 65 girls in Knightingales, and everyday they work on classical pieces as a choir.  In seventh grade most of the girls participated in a mixed choir known as the Apprentice Singers, but when students hit eighth grade they had to divide into seperate boys and girls choirs. This helps prepare and develop the students voices for Master Singers when they will be mixed again as a boys and girls choir.  Kahaia Stewart, an eighth-grade Knightingale at SJHS, said, “It’s a bummer we don’t have the boys here, they always liven things up.  But it’s a good opportunity to help us focus on our voices.”

So far this year the Knightingales have made great progress.  Mrs. Walker, choir teacher at SJHS, said, “The Knightingales are amazing this year.  With about 65 girls in the choir, there is nothing we can’t accomplish!” 

But when the students  reach ninth grade, the girls and boys who made tryouts are combined into a mixed boys and girls choir.  Amanda Ripley, an eighth-grade Knightingale at SJHS, said, “I’m really excited to be combined with the boys again next year, it will be flippin’ awesome!” The Knightingales said that everyone should take choir, because it’s a great opportunity to make friends.

Tiare Spencer, SJHS Staff Writer