The Knights Celebrate the Christmas Season through Music

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Ever since 1957, Springville Junior High School has celebrated the Christmas season through song. This year, on December first and third of 2010, the SJHS choirs will be carrying on the tradition. 

There are four choirs that will perform in the concert.  The Master Singers (ninth-grade integrated choir), The Journeymen (eighth-grade mens choir), The Apprentice Singers (seventh-grade integrated choir), and The Knightingales, (eight-grade women’s chorus). On December third at 7:30 pm., the Master Singers and Journeymen will put on the “Candle Light” concert, with a special appearance from the Knightingales.

The Candle Light concert will honor a secret special person who serves the school and the community.  After the Master Singers and Journeymen have sung many fun and festive songs (like “A Gentleman’s Christmas,” “Noel Noel,” “Riu Chiu Chiu,” “Dig That Crazy Santa Claus,” and many more),  the secret special person will be presented with a candle wreath.   There will be a reading of the person’s accomplishments and a poem.  The Knightingales will then sing the song “One Candle.”  Katya Wagstaff, ninth grader and Master Singer at Springville Junior High, said, “One Candle is a powerful song with a powerful meaning that we are all a light, and we should share it with everyone around us…  I hope the audience will walk away with an incredible feeling of peace.”

The seventh-grade concert is on December first at 7:00 pm.  The Apprentice Singers, made up entirely of seventh graders at SJHS, will sing many songs.  They include “Jingle Bell Dash,” “Huron Indian Carol,” “African Angel Carol,” “Christmas in About Three Minutes,” and “In the Bleak Midwinter.”  They have been practicing for forty five minutes every day and are very excited to spread the Christmas cheer.  Mrs. Leslie Walker, who directs all four school choirs, said, “I love Christmas songs because music is a wonderful way to celebrate the Christmas season.”

Claire Hatch, SJHS Staff Writer