Lights, Camera, Action: Thomas Gabbitas

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“I was born… and I wanted to act.” That is why Thomas joined the play. He was Cat and the Hat for Seussical the Musical. 

“My very favorite part of being in the show was playing the saxophone.” When we asked him what the worst part of the play was he explained that one of the days he had a cold and so it was harder to perform and play the saxophone. Thomas says, “I would definitely be in another play, like a musical...As long as it wasn’t an opera.” Sadly he isn’t taking drama class this year, but he is in marching band for the high school. He says that the best part is making new friends. Something else Thomas enjoys is cross country. 

Thomas is a good friend to all. Oliver Unguren says, “Thomas is smart and funny. My favorite thing about him is his bad dad jokes.” Thomas is a good friend to all and you should definitely meet him!

Article written by: Aspen Cook , student reporter