Lillian Miller does one more push-up everyday since January!

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Lillian Miller loves being athletic. She is the setter on the Springville High School sophomore volleyball team. She loves to play because she has worked really hard to get this far. She said “It's cool to be on a higher level.” which is her favorite thing about being on a high school team. “Game days are something to look forward to during the day.” Lilly recommends playing a sport because “It keeps you active.” So does doing push-ups. Every day since January her family has been doing a challenge. “You have to add one pushup a day.” As of October 9th she is at 283 pushups. On the 10th she will do 284 pushups and so on and so forth. The idea for the challenge came from her aunt and now only Lilly and her brother are left. Lilly Miller is really athletic and determined. It is incredible that after a long day of school and a 3-hour volleyball practice she can do multiple pushups. We can learn from Lillian that “if you want to do anything you just have to put your mind to it. “

Article written by: Aspen Cook , student reporter