Looking into Emily Sumsion

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Emily Sumsion is one of the many great ninth-graders here at Springville Junior High. Emily is also a great runner and a great friend. One of Emily’s favorite things about being back at school is getting to see all of her friends. Emily’s favorite sports to do are Cross Country and Track. “My favorite thing about running is getting to meet a lot of new people and that it is something I have done my whole life.” She is even on the Springville High School Cross Country team. Besides running she also likes to paint and do DIY’s from 5-minute crafts. If Emily could only use one word to describe herself she would use the word cool. “I think I am cool because the sports I do are cool.” Overall, Emily Sumsion is a very interesting and cool person to get to know. If you get a chance you should definitely try to talk to her.

Article written by student: Delia Thompson