Love is in the air with Valegrams at SJHS

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Here at Springville Junior High School, students get to spread the love for Valentines Day with Valegrams! A Valegram is a little note students can send to each other in honor of Valentines Day! Students have their choice of sending a romantic flower or a candy and a note. “They were sold outside of the cafeteria at lunchtime and would be delivered to the receiving student’s period right after lunch,” said Mrs. Bird, the service learning teacher at SJHS. “Anyone could buy them for that special someone, “Gregg Davis, a ninth grade student at SJHS, said.

They were sold from February  4th to the 14th. Students enjoyed valegrams at the school for a couple of different reasons. Gregg Davis thought, “you feel loved and like, oh somebody wants me!”  Brittany Hooley, a ninth grade student said, “you get to flirt with boys without them knowing who you are!”

Renae Lovelace, SJHS Staff Writer