Magic in the Hands of Students

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At Springville Junior High, students are learning how to become magicians. With the help of Mr. Brain Rice, eighth and ninth-grade English teacher, students can learn the secrets behind some of the best magic tricks. On Monday, October 25th, students have the opportunity to show Mr. Rice and other students a magic trick they have mastered. 

The Magic Show will be held during the school’s Quest Time in Mr. Rice’s room (23). Mr. Rice normally teaches students magic on Mondays during that time.  But on the 25th he wants his students to teach him. Magic is something he enjoys and knows other students will have fun with too. His favorite part about teaching magic is the amazed looks on the students' faces as they try to figure out the secrets behind the trick. Mr. Rice said, “Magic is an illusion of super powers.” He wants students to feel the same way about magic.

During his Quest Time activity, Mr. Rice shows students a variety of magic tricks then teaches them the secrets behind each one. Now he is giving students the same opportunity to show then teach. He’s swapping jobs with the students. Any student who meets the grade requirement can be in the Magic Show. Students are welcomed to participate in or watch this event.  Mr. Rice is looking forward to seeing what kind of tricks SJHS students have up their sleeves. He is ready to be amazed.

Mr. Rice isn’t the only one looking forward to this upcoming event. Students are excited too.  Students enjoy trying to figure out all of Mr. Rice’s tricks. Now they want to see if Mr. Rice can figure out theirs.  Jake Empey, ninth-grade student, said, “I think Mr. Rice will know all of our tricks, but will act surprised anyway.” 

Mr. Rice would like to invite all students to come and show their classmates what kind of magic they know.  He and the students who like to participate during Quest Time say it should be fun.

Emilee Christensen, SJHS Staff Writer