Magic with Mr. Rice

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Mr. Brian Rice, eighth and ninth-grade English teacher, does a 20 minute magic show every Monday morning during Quest Time in his room. “It’s a fun class, I would recommend for people to go see it,” Said Miriam Burell, an eighth grader at Springville Junior High.

Mr. Rice said, “The class gets about 36 students a day, sometimes I have to turn some students away because my classroom is so full!”  He learned magic as a kid. He claims to have always had an interest in magic, one day he just picked up a book and started to read about it. After some amount of time he learned more and more tricks.

The tricks you may see if you attend this activity are to communicating with dice and cards or how to read other people’s minds. After Mr. Rice shows the trick he shows the students how to perform the tricks so they can show it to their families, friends, or just so they can show off.  Students sit on the floor, in the desks, and stand up, just to see some magic happen.  

Shannon Lott, SJHS Staff Writer