Meet Amayrani Espino

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Amayrani is very open in what she says. She always tells the truth. Amayrani likes to be called “Roni” because she says that some people always mess her name up. I asked her what was her favorite thing about our schools and she said “the food, specifically the hot and spicy chicken sandwich” and she also likes the lunch ladies because they are really nice according to Roni. “The fries are so good and the frozen strawberries.” She always thinks about food by the way.

Roni likes being a student in our school. “It feels good being a student in our school, I guess.” School is very stressful sometimes for her. Roni thinks that our school is a great place to learn. She is in the Latinos in Action club and she really enjoys it and would encourage others to enter. Also, Roni really likes our environment, “it's so great, and there is hardly any bullying and if there is bullying it's handled by our amazing faculty.”

One of Roni’s favorite things is playing with kittens and she loves drinking juice, especially apple juice. Roni is a fantastic person! She has a unique style and a funny sense of humor that everyone loves. Roni is a friend that everyone needs or needs to at least meet.

Article written by: Edgar Arguelles