Meet the one and only REESE FLESHNER

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Reese’s are the world's most favorite candy, that pretty much sums up what you will think of our one and only Reese Fleshner.
“Ummmm yeah,” says Reese Fleshner as he sits in math class following the teacher's instructions about adding exponents. He doesn’t blend in with the crowd with his very blonde hair, blond eyebrows, and wireframe glasses over his bright blue eyes, and a big smile. This guy is one of a kind. He did a google search of his name to discover he is the only Reese Fleshner and possibly the only Reese Fleshner to ever to have existed.

He walks down the hall giving people encouraging Hi-Fives. In his backpack, he carries a clarinet. He has played in the Springville Junior High Band for two years.
When he plays “Among Us,” he always chooses the color white.
You will often see him wearing an orange hat with his name across the top in the candy font REESE’S, and yes, he does love the candy pieces. Reese’s candy name might have been his Dad’s idea, whose name is Heath.
If you get to meet Reese, it is like having a candy everyone loves come to life as a real kid.

Article written by student: Micah Allen