Meet the tennis playing, baking, and painting Ava Nielson!

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Ava Nielson is an eighth-grader at our school and plays tennis. She was on our school’s tennis team and has been playing for three years. She played as a single, but then played with a partner for the last part of the season. Besides tennis, she likes to paint watercolor and watch tik toks on her phone. School is sometimes hard for her, especially math, but she likes foods because she likes to cook and bake. Ten years from now, Ava wants to run her own flower shop on Main Street. Ava would want to learn the guitar. She really looks up to Harry Styles and loves his song “Sign of the Times”.  “It costs nothing to be nice,” says Harry Styles, and Ava lives by this. She loves tennis, baking, painting and she is really fun. We should strive to do our best every time no matter how hard. We won’t always win, but we should do it anyway. This is what Ava does. School is hard for her, yet she is here every day.

Article written by: Megan Conrad , student reporter