Mr. Hakes Joins the Army

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Mr. Josh Hakes, a technician at SJHS, is going to the army on October 18th to be a medic for fallen soldiers in the war. He flew out of Utah October 19th. According to Mr. Hakes, he is going into the active army. He will live on a base then go home then join the National Guard.

Mr. Hakes will be in boot camp in Jackson, South Carolina for 12 weeks, then 16 weeks in San Antonio for medic training. The next two years he doesn’t know where he will be. They will inform him where he goes when the time comes.

Mr. Hakes, said, “I am extremely excited. I think it is every little boy’s dream to be a solider, so I get to have my dream come true.” He became a part of the army through a process. First, he took an entry test, called ASVAB then he had a physical, after that came back positive he was able to be sworn in as a defender to the country. Mr. Hakes said, “I have always wanted to be in the military, and now I feel is the time.”   

Zoe Baldwin, SJHS Staff Writer