Mrs. Carpenter’s class gets chilly with learning

Submitted by tiffanie.miley on Mon, 10/18/2010 - 14:38

Mrs. Lise Carpenter’s class is stirring up the cold drink of wisdom. A few weeks ago Mrs. Carpenter, science teacher at the Springville Junior High, and her class did experiments with dry ice.

Mrs. Carpenter created these experiments for phases of matter. “I was looking for something fun to do which had to do with physical properties and changes of matter. I somehow found a book of dry ice experiments and knew it would be perfect!!” said Mrs. Carpenter. Students learn how matter reacts in certain situations, such as an ice cube melting in warm water.

The dry ice was handed to the students where they had the opportunity to do several different experiments. One experiment the students performed was dry ice in film canisters. The students had the choice to put it in cold, hot, or even soapy water, causing fascinating results. Skyler Spencer, eight grader, said, “If you put it in a balloon, it will blow up the balloon a lot. It was kind of surprising.”

Another experiment students enjoyed was adding the dry ice to a soapy solution. “Right when we put the dry ice into the soapy water, tons of bubbles spilled out. I didn’t expect so many bubbles,” said Ryan Gage, eight grader.

“You take a cup of soapy water, put a chunk of dry ice into it. We would pop the bubbles and the carbon dioxide would burst out. It was cool,” said Teija Rosenberg, eighth grader at Springville Junior High. The students look forward to many more cool experiments in Mrs. Carpenter’s eighth-grade class and plan on having a great year.

Tyler Condie, SJHS Staff Writer