New Artistic Opportunity at SJHS

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Attention, attention! There is a new opportunity for all future artists at Springville Junior High! During Quest Time on Tuesdays, Mr. David Kindrick, the eighth and ninth-grade science teacher, is leading a new enrichment class called Logo Design.  According to Mr. Kindrick, logo design could be classified as graphic design; which is taking a concept and making it into a simple artistic representation of your idea. Students who go to Mr. Kindrick’s enrichment class will be using logo design to design the school t-shirt for next year.

Mr. Kindrick said, “[To make a logo] first you start with a concept, i.e. Springville, Knights, SJHS, etc… then you start the mock up by sketching. Then you take the idea to the computer, separate all the colors, burn the screens, and then pull the ink through.” Mr. Kindrick loves art, and has been involved in his wife’s business doing logos for businesses, schools, and clubs for four years.

All his hard work definitely shows in Mckenzie Reidhead, eighth grader at the junior high’s opinion about logo design. “I like how we can design a logo so we won’t be mad when it doesn’t turn out like it should; and when you see it on someone you can say, ‘Hey, I designed that!’”

Whitney Holley, another eighth grader at SJHS, likes logo design because the students can express themselves, and thinks that it is cool because the students can design the school logo, or what they think it should look like.

It sounds like everyone is excited for this new opportunity, and they think it will be great!

Sarah Cheney, SJHS Staff Writer