New Principal at Springville Junior High

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This year at Springville Junior High School there is a new principal: Mr. Ken Van Ausdal. Before coming to SJHS, Mr. Van Ausdal was principal at Salem Elementary for four years.

Mr. Van Ausdal has done a lot of different jobs professionally. He was a resource teacher at Santaquin Elementary, an assistant principal at Eastmont Middle School and West Hills Middle School, and the principal of Butler Elementary and Salem Elementary.

Mr. Van Ausdal said, “I like being a principal here because of the community, and the kids are the best behaved, friendly, hardworking students. The teachers are bright, great people who I love working with.”   He is working to increase are school spirit. Every morning you can find Mr. Van Ausdal monitoring the crosswalk in front of the school to make sure students are safe.

He grew up in Wyoming, married a Springville girl, and they have four children from ages 8 to 15--two boys and two girls. He was an aircraft mechanic in the Marine Corps. He loves to play golf, read, and he also loves to ride snowmobiles.

Mr. Van Ausdal said, “The best thing about being a principal is getting to know you made a difference in a student’s, parent’s, or faculty’s life. It is very rewarding to know you made a difference in someone’s life, and that is the truth.”

The faculty at SJHS have enjoyed getting to know the new principal at Springville Junior High. “We are all looking forward to a great school year with our new principal,” said Mrs. Janine Murdock, finance secretary.  

Michelle Herrera, SJHS Staff Writer