New Semester, New Classes, New Journalism Staff!

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Photo caption: The winter semester journalism class:  Front row, left to right:  Anna Bunnell, Joee Lowe, Sarah Clark, Hollie Coulon, and Whitley Hicken.  Middle row, left to right: Stacy Stapel, Ali Earnshaw, and Kira Craig.  Back row, left to right: Renae Lovelace, Annee Lange, Kylee Jensen, Mckenzie Reidhead, Tiare Spencer, Klade Smith, and Camilla Dunn.  Not pictured: Ashlan Kendall.


Students at Springville Junior High are adjusting to their new class schedules because of the new semester.  With those new classes, brings a new journalism staff! 

Journalism is the class that writes all of the articles for the SJHS newspaper.  But not just anyone can take the class.  To be accepted into Journalism, students have to fill out an application form.  The applications are then reviewed by Ms. Miley, who is the journalism advisor as well as a seventh-grade English teacher.  Ms. Miley said, “When I’m looking through all of the applications, I look for students who will be responsible, hardworking and who will enjoy writing.”    

Once in journalism, staff members learn how to write  newspaper articles.   Annee Lange, eighth- grade Journalism staff member, said, “I think it’s hard to retrain yourself to write, because the style of writing is so much different than I’ve grown up learning.”  Right now, staff members have just finished their first article, done as a class, about Knights of the Round Table. 

Journalism takes place 6th period, in Ms. Miley’s classroom, number 57.  Newspapers are published and passed out to SJHS students about once every month.  The papers are also taken to various local places such as:  Allens, Reams and the Springville City Building.  Articles from the paper are also published online at the SJHS website and on the Daily Herald’s website.

The staff is looking forward to having the articles that they’ve written published.   Tiare Spencer, eighth-grade journalism staff member, said, “I’m excited to write articles about events going on at school.”    Ali Earnshaw, also an eighth-grade journalism staff member said, “ I’m excited to write articles, interview people, and get my writing published.”  The new staff members are very excited and looking forward to a great semester with journalism.

Stacy Stapel,SJHS Staff Writer