One Crazy Hair Day at SJHS

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Friday, October 22 started out as a normal day at Springville Junior High School. It didn’t take long to realize something was different. Students showed up with dolls, flowers, and pencils sticking out of their hair. It was the kickoff of Red Ribbon Week-crazy hair day!

Red Ribbon Week is a week where students and teachers focus on staying away from drugs. This year’s Red Ribbon Week at SJHS started off with crazy hair day, and the motto for the day was “Wake up and leave drugs behind!” Students focused on why drugs are bad for you, and how to avoid them.

Rebecca Morrison, eighth grader at SJHS, shared her thoughts on how to stay drug free. “[We can avoid drugs] by hanging out with good friends who have already decided they won’t ever do them,” Rebecca said.

“Drug addiction can make one’s life miserable, can be very expensive, can cost one a job, can ruin relationships, and can harm one’s health,” said Mrs. Aleta Breakwell, English teacher at SJHS.

Teachers agree that Red Ribbon Week is a fun and effective way to steer students away from drugs at an early age, and the dress up days are a great way to get them involved.  According to Mrs. Breakwell, crazy hair day is fun because it gives students a chance to be a little crazy when they can’t otherwise be.

According to Rebecca, SJHS should definitely do crazy hair day again next year, it’s one of the most fun and effective days.

Amanda Ripley, SJHS Staff Writer