The Path to Knighthood at SJHS

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This year Mr. Ken Van Ausdal, principal at SJHS, and Mr. Dave Knudsen, assistant principal at SJHS, have given students an opportunity to show their accomplishments in and out of the school community. Together they have given students the Path to Knighthood. Similar to what the knights in the medieval ages had to accomplish, students will have to complete activities in physical fitness, academics, arts, and service to move along the Path to Knighthood. “I think it’s a good experience,” said seventh grader Sarah Christensen, “I’m excited to start.”

Students can turn in the Path to Knighthood paper as soon as it is completed. Though Mr. Van Ausdal is still deciding, the deadline will most likely be around April first. It should be turned in to one of the assistant principals or the principal of SJHS. Mr. Van Ausdal said that the purpose for doing the Path to Knighthood is to “Celebrate the whole student.” By doing so, students will be able to show all of their accomplishments rather than just the things they do in school. Some of the activities are becoming a member of a school/community sports team, becoming an honor roll student, earning a part in a play, and earning an award from a church organization. Along with student celebration, Mr. Van Ausdal hopes to bring school spirit with this activity.

The Path to Knighthood comes with an award. If completed, students will receive an SJHS knight pin. The pins are almost the same for all who finish, with slight variations in color. Seventh graders will receive a bronze pin, eighth graders a silver one, and ninth graders will get their pin in gold. Mr. Van Ausdal hopes that all of the seventh graders will complete the Path to Knighthood this year, and their eighth and ninth grade years so that they can have a pin in each color. Seventh graders this year may have a goal to maintain a 4.0 GPA all three years at SJHS. In the future there will be a banquet dinner held for all of the students who have met that goal.

Taylor Bennett, SJHS Staff Writer