PTA is Ready for the New School Year

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The PTA mission statement is: “Advocate-To support and speak on behalf of students. Involve - Encourage positive involvement in all facets of a child's life. Develop - Assist in developing skills to raise and protect children and youth.” The Springville Junior High PTA has been following this mission statement for many years now.

PTA stands for Parent Teacher Association, and they help with many school projects. Students can thank the PTA for many of the things they enjoy in this school. PTA helps with back to school activities, Red Ribbon Week, dances, SEOP’s, Teacher Appreciation, and much more.

Laura Stewart, this year’s PTA president, said, “PTA means I have a voice that will be heard, and I can use that voice to make my child’s school a better place.” Mrs. Stewart’s comment goes with part of the PTA mission statement, to advocate. PTA helps parents get involved in their child’s school. It helps parents to understand what is going on and how they can help.

PTA can help students develop their skills and feel more secure at school. PTA came and helped the new seventh graders open their lockers on the first day of school. This helped many students feel more secure at school. According to Sharlyn Hall, PTA secretary, PTA can help each junior high student have a positive outlook on themselves and their education and future.

“The more people devoted to any project - the greater the result,” said Mrs. Corrin Gleave, math teacher at SJHS. That is what SJHS PTA is working for. If parents would like to be involved with PTA they can sign up in the front office of SJHS. It takes less than a minute to fill out the form and mark if they want to be involved in activities or just show support. Then pay the five dollar fee. With more parents getting involved in the PTA, Springville Junior High can be better and better.

Andalyn Hall, SJHS Staff Writer