Quest Time Adventure at SJHS: Fantasy Football

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Quest Time is a new thing here at SJHS, and the time period is filled with many different activities.   One of these activities is Fantasy League Football, supervised by Mr. David Kindrick, science teacher at SJHS.  The program takes place on Fridays during Quest Time in Mr. Kindrick’s room upstairs.  Students who take part in Fantasy League make predictions on what teams they think will win during that week of football.  The students also pick players that play certain key positions that the students think will do well, then the players who do well are rewarded more points than players that play poorly.

Brandon Merkley, eighth grader at SJHS, plays in the Fantasy League every week said, “I go to Fantasy League because it is competitive and when you win you get the opportunity to rub it right in your friend’s face.”  But does everybody show up every week?  “There are problems with getting a steady stream of the same students who play on a weekly basis.  It’s fine if you have a winner for each week like we do, but if you are collecting points for a season it makes it challenging if you only get 10-12 students who play on a regular basis,” said Mr. Kindrick.

The NFL season kicked off a little while ago and Brandon said, “I think everybody should go to Fantasy Football because it is freaking awesome.  People should really come because it is really competitive fun.”  The program has been going on ever sense the season started and Brandon has been there everyday.   “I think the students that like to follow football have really enjoyed it,” said Mr. Kindrick 

Andrew Creer, SJHS Staff Writer