Quest time for the Knights

Submitted by tiffanie.miley on Thu, 03/03/2011 - 07:48

Springville Junior High has Quest Time right after third period everyday other than Wednesday. If students don’t have any deficient grades they can go to enrichment. If students have deficient grades they go to intervention to fix the problem. 

Mrs. Maughan, a math teacher here at Springville Junior High, teaches math intervention Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday in her class room( #61). “I think Quest Time is a very positive thing for our school,” said Mrs. Maughan, “It gives students the chance to get caught up in classes, or go to a reward activity. Students benefit by getting a reward (enrichment) so they feel appreciated and students with deficient grades may work with teachers to get assignments done.”

Mrs. Luke teaches sewing fun in room 36 on Mondays during Quest Time. “I really like it,” said Mrs. Luke, “you can be really creative with hand sewing and show your personality.  It’s a fun skill everyone can learn.  The ability to hand sew is something you will use for the rest of your life”.

There are lots of different activities students can go to also.   Students can attend a movie in the auditorium, Mr. Mikesell’s Comedy on Mondays room 54, Ms. Miley’s game room on Tuesdays room 57, Scrapbooking with Ms. Parker room 29, Ms. Neeley’s Karaoke Room on Fridays room 58, or cosmetology with Mrs. Nielson on Tuesday room 21. Those are just some of the many activities for Quest Time here at Springville Junior High School.

Ashlan Kendall, SJHS Staff Writer