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Sarah Cheney has been selected as the Scientist of the month. She is an eighth grader at SJHS. Sarah loves to draw, read and do ballroom dance. In one of her ballroom dance competitions, she was able to win 5th place out of 40 couples in the high school category. She also plays the piano, ice skates, and is on the journalism staff here at SJHS. She loves school, and her favorite subjects are art and English.

Sarah is a huge BYU fan, and one of her goals is to go there when she is old enough to go to college.  She is also a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and tries to always be a good example. Sarah has been incredible to have in class and I can really tell she loves to learn even if science isn’t one of her favorites. Congratulations Sarah, keep up the good work.  You’re amazing.

David Kindrick, SJHS Science Teacher