Seventh Graders Get Loud in the Boys vs. Girls Assembly

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Springville Junior High School’s seventh graders got loud on October 13.  All seventh graders attended the boys vs. girls assembly, complete with ice cream sundae relay races and pudding eating contests. Teachers and students alike had plenty of fun. Emo Apaui, a seventh grader here at SJHS, said, “Heck yeah, I was screaming at the top of my lung’s cheering on the boys.” Mr. Trent Mikesell, creative writing and seventh-grade language arts teacher, said, “The assembly was tons of fun. It was a big rush, and there was a lot of energy in the room!”

The activities included donut eating, trivia, clothes changing relay, balloon pop and many others. One of the favorite thingsfor the boys was that they won! Emo said, “That was the best assembly I’ve been to in my life!”

Some of the students think that the other grades should have a similar assembly, but not everyone agrees. According to seventh grader Sarah Christensen, other grades should do it because they would have lots of fun. Emo, thinks the other grades should have a shot so they have the opportunity to beat the girls, but Matt Peterson and Betsy Vega, both seventh graders, think that it should be the seventh graders’ own assembly.     

Zoe Baldwin, SJHS Staff Writer