Seventh Graders Getting a Taste of a Real Job

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Seventh graders at Springville Junior High took a dive into the work field on February 4th, which was Job Shadow Day. Job Shadow Day is a day where kids can pick an inspiring adult they know and go to work with and to learn about that adult's career. The purpose of Job Shadow Day is to help the seventh graders decide on their future careers. Mrs. Hales, a seventh-grade CTE teacher, explained why she liked Job Shadow Day, “It gives the students an experience in the work field that they normally wouldn’t get.”

Sarah Smith, a seventh grader at SJHS, chose her dad as someone to shadow. Her dad works at BYU as a wildlife biologist, and that was where she said she helped her dad out. Sarah is interested in becoming a wildlife biologist because she loves animals and she said, “As a wildlife biologist you get to study animals and learn all about them! It’s really exciting, and you get to travel.”

On February 4th most of the seventh graders went with their parents to their work. Some seventh graders have a future career in mind, and some are still thinking about it. Mrs. Hales also said, “A lot came back with a new understanding of what parents did or how hard it was.” Next year Springville Junior High School will have another set of seventh graders that will have Job Shadow day.

Mckenzie Reidhead, SJHS Staff Writer